Mission and Objectives

CITADEL aims to explore, monitor and analyse the drivers, enablers, impact, risks and barriers of open, innovative and collaborative government across a diverse terrain of PAs through an open and scalable platform based on innovative ICTs in order to understand, transform and improve by proposing recommendations to enhance the PAs policies and processes with a view to deliver effective, inclusive and high quality public services across Europe.

CITADEL’s mission will be realized by achieving the following objectives:

  1. To analyse information coming from different sources to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of PAs by providing a set of recommendations to transform its processes and policies.
  2. To incentivize the co-creation of digital public services by empowering citizens and PAs.
  3. To increase the participation of Citizens in the Public Administration system by improving their experience when using digital public services.
  4. To facilitate the use of the digital public services integrating the previous results into the CITADEL Ecosystem, containing the ICT enablers.
  5. To validate the CITADEL ecosystem in local, regional and national environments.