CITADEL Key Results (KRs), tools and methodologies will be validated in European Public Administrations, at local, regional and national level, from a varied range of geographical areas, North, Central and Southern Europe.

Three out of the four use cases where CITADEL will be trialled focus on life events, which involve the largest number of digital service offerings across European Public Administrations.

The local pilot will be carried out in Antwerp, a city in Belgium, trying to make the 'e-locket' service more citizen centric.

The regional pilot will be carried out in Puglia, in the south of Italy, revolving around the tourism sector, making the supporting tools more user centric.

Two pilots will be carried out at national level. The first one in Latvia, focusing also on citizen life events, addressing both non-users, who attend the customer centers all over the country to access a service that is available in a digital format, and users of such services who seek a personalized offering and better user experience. The second pilot will be carried out in The Netherlands, by an organization that exposes an API to the different ministries and other stakeholders of The Netherlands.