CITADEL expects to achieve the following Key Results (KR):

KR1: CITADEL Recommendations and guidelines to transform PA. A set of guidelines for deriving recommendations as derived from the use cases and surveys will focus on the re-definition of the public policies, processes and services to be adapted to citizens´ and organizations’ (users and non-users) expectations. The use of these CITADEL recommendations will allow PAs save significant money in the re-design of their processes.

KR2: CITADEL Information monitoring service: This service monitors and analyses all available citizens´ (user and non-users) data (e.g. feedback, open data, demographic statistics, preferences and so on). The objective is to extract, using big data, semantics and privacy preserving technologies, relevant information required for the formulation of the recommendations. This service is composed of two important assets:

  1. Monitoring services asset: Based on semantics, this asset will select the relevant information in each moment and in each situation.
  2. Analysis services asset: Based on the relevant information provided by the monitoring asset, this asset will provide KPI (Key performance Indicators) or if possible recommendations.

KR3: CITADEL tool-supported methodology for services co-creation. This methodology will guide and support PAs in the co-creation process and will be customized for taking into account the characteristics of each PA. The adaptation could be done based on different aspects like, legal systems, scope and audience or the target group.

KR4: CITADEL Co-creation collaborative tool that allows the PA, Private Sector and citizens to co-create new public services at a conceptual level.

KR5: CITADEL Discovery service, that allows discovering digital public services based on the citizen’s profile and the result of semantic analysis of the data such as preferences, utilization, opinions and so on.

KR6: CITADEL Assessment service that is responsible for allowing those citizens that use digital public services to evaluate them providing useful information for improving them.

KR7: CITADEL Security toolkit: A set of assets integrated in CITADEL:

  • Dedicated asset for the integration of privacy regulations
  • Implementation of cloud- and device-based personal data privacy features
  • Privacy-by-Default features

KR8: CITADEL Ecosystem is the main result of the project and aggregates both the social and technical aspects.