Thursday, 2019, September 5 - 09:26


Some of the dissemination activities the project partners have been, or are, involved this month.

Thursday, 2019, September 5 - 09:02

Logo City of Antwerp

One year ago, during a dedicated focus group, the Antwerp city administration decided to test more than 75% of the ecosystem’s features, in particular:

  • Assessment service
  • Co-creation methodology
  • Co-creation supporting tool
  • Digital maturity assessment
Monday, 2019, July 1 - 13:29

In cities around the globe, transformative changes concerning smart public services have taken place. More and more, they involve a wide array of stakeholders in the (co)production of public services: from the public sector to the private, and from individual citizens to entire communities and organizations. Take the case of FixMyStreet, a map-based website, and mobile application, enabled by GPS, which is provided by a private partner and used by citizens to report problems that need the attention of a relevant local authority, such as potholes or broken streetlamps.

Monday, 2019, July 1 - 12:51

The June 2018 CITADEL blog (,, discussed the differences between the e-Government and Digital Government taking into account a set of studies (e.g., World Economic Forum, OECD), strategies (e.g., EU) and indicators (e.g., World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index, European Union Digital Economy and Society Index), and the need for PAs, as recommended by OECD (OECD, “Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies”, 2014), to quickly deploy digital government strategies able to:

  • Assure greater transparency, openness and inclusiveness,
  • encourage engagement and participation of all stakeholders (i.e., public, private and civil society) in policy making and public service design and delivery,
  • address issues of citizens’ rights, organisation and resource allocation, adoption of new rules and standards, use of communication tools and development of institutional capacities to help facilitate engagement of all age groups and population segments,
  • identify and engage non-governmental organisations, businesses or citizens to form a digital government ecosystem for the provision and use of digital services,
  • create a data-driven culture in the public sector, by:
    • developing frameworks to enable, guide, and foster access to, use and re-use of, the increasing amount of evidence, statistics and data concerning operations, processes and results to (a) increase openness and transparency, and (b) incentivise public engagement in policy making, public value creation, service design and delivery,
    • balancing the need to provide timely official data with the need to deliver trustworthy data.
Monday, 2019, July 1 - 12:42

By the IAAS Study Group dedicated on public services, KUL and LU have given impetus to many dissemination activities that analyse the co-creation aspects and deal with some narrow subjects connected to the activities carried out on CITADEL project. Consult our lists below to find out the publications, papers and events in which they will be presented.

Tuesday, 2019, May 21 - 09:01

Policy-makers and politicians around the world voice their support for the deployment of ICTs to enable more co-production of public services and a number of initiatives have been rolled out. But to what extent do ICTs really enable co-production, or, pose a barrier to this? As part of the results of CITADEL WP3, this article offers the first systematic review of the emerging literature on ICT-enabled co-production (Clifton, Díaz-Fuentes, and Llamosas García, Forthcoming.)

Thursday, 2019, April 25 - 16:31

As part of the legal work in CITADEL, the project aimed to create and publish a legal vademecum for PAs willing to transform their services into better and more user-centric (e-)services through the use of the CITADEL tools and/or co-creation methodology. This process, and specifically the use of new technologies to support and/or drive the transformation, brings with it specific legal challenges.


Thursday, 2019, March 28 - 10:51

The main goal of CITADEL is to support Public Administrations in understanding their citizens and in transforming and improving their services by proposing recommendations. CITADEL’s Key Performance Indicator Toolbox is one of the outcomes developed in the context of this project that serves this goal. The toolbox enables Public Administrations (i) to publish data in a reusable format, (ii) to convert data to Linked Data, and (iii) to calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using the Linked Data.

Thursday, 2019, March 28 - 10:40

Universidad de Cantabria and Latvijas Universitate, involved in CITADEL project will present 2 papers at IIAS Group Study on Coproduction of Public Services in Leuven on 27th and 28th of May. The Cantabrian partner will expose the paper Explaining citizens’ co-production through ICTs in health: A multi-level model analysis by Gonzalo Llamosas while the Latvian University  will discuss of the paper titled Feasibility Study of Innovative Public Policy Client-Accordance Index by Romans Putans.


Thursday, 2019, March 28 - 10:36

Fincons, partner of the CITADEL Consortium, and the municipality of Bari started a collaboration to define the technological assets for the local Smart Working by some CITADEL project achievements. The project involves the development of a prototype based on the Blockchain technology and the involvement of some employees of the municipality who will be part of the experimentation.

Friday, 2019, February 22 - 12:18

G.E.T. IN TOU.C.H. (Growing citizens Engagement by Technology application IN apulian TOUrism and Cultural Heritage) is the regional use cases identified in the CITADEL project to assess some aspects of the Apulian Public Administration related to PA digital maturity assessment (understand-to-transform project pillar) and the co-creation of digital public services (cocreate-to-transform project pillar).

Tuesday, 2019, January 15 - 16:27

InnovaPuglia since several decades the ‘technological arm’ of Puglia Region Institution, deals with the technological innovation and pilot development hosting new systems and methodologies able to support the Public Administration. One of the most recent and interesting challenges is the co-creation of digital public services that InnovaPuglia is implementing also by means of knowledge exchange with European and regional initiatives such as CITADEL and Apulian ICT Living Labs based on strategies and studies such as the Quadruple Helix (Chesbrough and Carayannis) and the EVLE model (Rokkan and Hirschmann).

Tuesday, 2019, January 15 - 16:07

Two dissemination activities are important to be highlighted:

  • "Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model" as a Predictor for the Use Intention of Data Standards in Smart Cities is a scientific paper describing how smart cities initiated a grassroots initiative on data interoperability. The research was supported by the CITADEL project.
  • CO-CREATION. Road to better public services. On 17th January, CITADEL Latvian partners are organizing a conference “CO-CREATION. Road to better public services” where our project coordinator Leire Echevarria, and iMEC partners Koen Vervoort and Jonas Breuer in collaboration with other presenters will talk about different aspects of co-creation.

Tuesday, 2019, January 15 - 16:04

On 10th January, FINCONS organized a workshop in collaboration with the municipality of Bari to expose the advantages of smart working. In this context, some methodologies of the CITADEL project have been presented as well as the Innovation Platform tool which will be used as a communication platform between the stakeholders. You can find the presentation in Italian at

Wednesday, 2019, January 9 - 10:50

This blog post continues (click here to read the first part) the description of the co-creation sessions carried by CITADEL partners in Latvia – our academic partner University of Latvia (LU) and the public institution Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (VARAM) that is a leading institution in Latvia responsible for public service delivery and e-government issues.

Friday, 2018, November 30 - 10:46

In the age of information technologies, electronic services and artificial intellect it appears that we still need an exchange between human beings to make a good use of existing advanced solutions. This is especially important for electronic services widely used by a large part of the population, which need to be easy, fast and friendly. In the CITADEL project we are testing coproduction or co-creation methods considering requirements and interests of society in the decision making processes of public admnistration.

Monday, 2018, November 19 - 15:32

One objective of CITADEL is to support the Public Administrations (PA) to understand, transform and improve by proposing recommendations. The eGovernment Maturity Model is one of the outcomes that are being developed in the context of this project. The ICT Enabler that implements this model is DIGIMAT.

The main objective of DIGIMAT is to assess the Digital Maturity of a Public Administration (PA) in order to help them to improve their processes and policies to be ready for the digital era.

Wednesday, 2018, October 24 - 12:29

One of the main objectives of VARAM use case (see here for details) is improving the quality of digital services provided by national web portal

Wednesday, 2018, October 24 - 12:17

Some events have been attended by CITADEL partners.

Friday, 2018, October 19 - 12:41

CITADEL has successfully finished its second year of the project. During this year, the consortium has adequately progressed in the analysis of the different aspects of the project and has released stable versions of some of the major assets.

Friday, 2018, September 14 - 09:36

With CITADEL, we aim to develop instruments that help administrations and public sector organizations become more efficient, inclusive, and citizen-centric. Central to achieving this objective is finding out how public officials engage with citizens. Without public officials willing to engage with citizens it is hard to see how administrations and public organizations can become “more inclusive and citizen-centric”.

Friday, 2018, September 14 - 09:26

The Consortium partners will be involved in the activities of Dissemination and Networking in the next few months.

Friday, 2018, September 14 - 09:18

Some events have been attended by CITADEL partners.

Monday, 2018, July 23 - 13:56

June the 4th. 2PM. A beautiful day. A sunny afternoon in Antwerp (Belgium). In other words, the perfect time for the partners that are developing CITADEL’s ecosystem to have a chat with real civil servants and their experience concerning the matter of e-services and its use by citizens.

Sunday, 2018, July 22 - 10:49

CITADEL partners attended international conferences to disseminate CITADEL objectives.

Sunday, 2018, July 22 - 10:36

The employees participating to the Focus group in Antwerp on 4th of June 2018 expressed their feedbacks and considerations on the methodologies and ICT enablers presented by the CITADEL partners.

CITADEL Focus Group Antwerp

Monday, 2018, June 18 - 11:57

As the OECD recommends, Public Administrations:

  • “can no longer afford to separate efficiency from other societal policy objectives in the governing and managing of digital technologies”,
  • “Setting up more open approaches to policymaking and public service delivery requires governments to re-organise themselves around user expectations, needs and associated requirements, rather than their own internal logic and needs”,
  • “it is imperative that governments also understand the level of organisational maturity of the public sector in relation to project management methods and approaches, and are able to achieve appropriate levels of maturity in relation to their needs and ambitions”.

Monday, 2018, June 18 - 11:09

To actually assess how far are our PAs to realise the shift highlighted above, it is useful to compare the numerical indicators as provided by accredited sources.

Source: Huawei Global Connectivity Index 2018

Monday, 2018, June 18 - 10:58

As our society is undergoing a huge transformation in these years, also Public Administrations (PAs) at all levels must undergo an even more profound transformation. Indeed the European Union Europe 2020 strategy envisages as one of the key priorities the modernisation of PAs to support EU economic growth, shifting the PAs role from the traditional policy making, implementation, service provision and regulation, to  act also as investors and procurers, able to play a role in improving the competitiveness of our society, facilitating its growth and the creation of jobs.

Thursday, 2018, May 31 - 11:56

From 22nd to 24th May, Regione Puglia, Innova Puglia and Fincons participated in the Italian PA 2018 Forum in Rome focused on how to innovate and modernize the Italian public administration and attended by thousands of people.


Thursday, 2018, May 24 - 10:00

CITADEL participates in the event 'Forum PA 2018' with the presence of our Italian partners, FINCONS, Regione di Puglia and InnovaPuglia. Visit the booth of Regione di Puglia for more information on the project.


Friday, 2018, May 4 - 08:39

The International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) has granted the ‘best paper’ award to José Manuel Alonso, Rhys Andrews, Judith Clifton and Daniel Díaz Fuentes, at its annual conference on public management held in Edinburgh. The paper shows partly the results of CITADEL.

Friday, 2018, April 6 - 12:53

In this blog post, the CITADEL project is approached in a slightly different way. Rather than detailing a specific part of the core development activities, as other blog posts will do, this post consideres the legal considerations and hurdles that a public administration (PA) might encounter when transforming itself into an ICT-driven more effective and inclusive “e-PA”. This post elaborates how CITADEL deals with this.

Monday, 2018, March 26 - 09:21

CITADEL and WeLive

CITADEL consortim members have been busy in the last months, networking and disseminating some of our results.

You can read here what we have been up to.

Monday, 2018, February 26 - 13:38

Find out some of the events where CITADEL representatives will be.

Monday, 2018, February 26 - 13:37

These past months have been busy for CITADEL. Next we present some of the activities where we have been involved in January and February.

Tuesday, 2018, February 13 - 11:32

CITADEL will participate in the CLARITY summit to be held on February 14th and 15th.

Wednesday, 2018, January 31 - 09:05

Available online and in Italian language the tool to check how much you already know about the coming GDPR (General data protection regulation).  Follow the link below.

Disponibile online l’esercizio di alfabetizzazione sui temi della privacy e del Regolamento Generale sulla Protezione dei Dati dell’Unione Europea. Vai al link di seguito.

Thursday, 2017, December 7 - 18:13

On November 27th, Jonas Breuer of imec and Koen Migchelbrink of KU Leuven represented the CITADEL consortium during a participatory workshop organised by the European Commission and its own EU policy lab.

Friday, 2017, November 17 - 09:49

On November 23rd, CITADEL's project coordinator will attend Info Day on Societal Challenges 6 organized by the Basque Foundation of Science, where CITADEL will be presented as a success story.

Sunday, 2017, October 29 - 10:30

On October 24th CITADEL attended the event "Digital Transformation of Public Administrations", organized by the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), the Research Executive Agency (REA) and the innovation agencies MetaGroup and c*funds.


Monday, 2017, October 16 - 11:14

Do you want to know more about CITADEL? Come meet us! You will be able to find us in the following events:

Monday, 2017, October 16 - 11:07

In the month of September, CITADEL has been very active in dissemination events.

CITADEL partners were present in the Researchers' night in Lecce and Santander  presenting the project to everyone interested.

Also, the day before the consortium had its general assembly meeting in Bari, a press conference was held. FINCONS CEO, Innovapuglia and the project coordinator, TECNALIA, accompanied bythe Regional Minister on Tourism and a member of the Politecnico di Bari presented the project to the media that attended the conference. You can read more about this - in Italian - here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here - in English. Furthermore, on September 26th, Innovapuglia and Regione di Puglia, supported by partners KUL, TECNALIA and imec, held two workshops, one to present the vignette studies and the digital maturity model for PAs and another one dedicated to co-creation. More information can be found here . Pictures and videos are available on our Facebook page.

Regarding networking activities, our partner VARAM is working with the State Chancellery of the Republic of Latvia and State Administration School of the Republic of Latvia in the elaboration of a module training for the highest level executives about egovernment that will be carried out in 2018. VARAM has been asked to provide guidelines, key aspects and documents (incl. unpublished materials) that should be included in training programme. In the proposal along with other documents VARAM has also included information about CITADEL project and co-creation materials.

Thursday, 2017, September 21 - 21:22

On September 21st, 2017, CITADEL has participated in the European co-creation workshop, an event held in collaboration with the WeLive project.

The goal of the workshop was twofold:

  1. To bring together European projects that are researching and innovating in co-creation methods and tools, in order to seek collaboration
  2. To share experiences and discuss on how to make co-creation sustainable.

In the context of the workshop, CITADEL has presented the preliminary findings obtained in the context of our research on co-creation, namely, what is motivating citizens and the public sector to engage in co-creation activities, what are the experiences of co-creation in the private sector to understand how these could be transferred to the public sector and finally, the first approach towards the CITADEL co-creation methodology.

The presentation shown in the workshop can be seen here.

We will soon post the main conclusions. Come back soon!

Wednesday, 2017, July 26 - 12:05

CITADEL planned events for September - October 2017

Wednesday, 2017, February 1 - 12:44


TECNALIA will attend the 'Share and Reuse conference 2017', which will be held in Lisbon on March 29th, 2017. The conference is organized under the umbrella of the ISA2 programme, led by the ISA Unit of Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) of the European Commission.

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