CITADEL attended the workshop ‘The Future of Government 2030+’ organised by the European Commission

On November 27th, Jonas Breuer of imec and Koen Migchelbrink of KU Leuven represented the CITADEL consortium during a participatory workshop organised by the European Commission and its own EU policy lab.

The workshop was organised in the context of the project “The Future of Government 2030+” intends to develop a Citizen Centric Perspective on new government models. This initial workshop in Brussels, focussing on the supranational level, is complimented by a series of similar workshops in 6 different participating countries. Diverse civil society organisations were invited in order to explore together ideas on government, its stakeholders, how they are interrelated and how they will evolve in the future.

The workshop was divided into four activities, after Jean-Francois Junger, deputy head of the Unit ‘Public Services’ of DG CONNECT, gave a short speech and an introductory round. First, we did a stakeholder mapping of the situation as it is today including different types of interactions as well as bottlenecks and enablers. Second, we developed personas of citizens in 2030, which are affected by government but also by technology. Third, we went back to the stakeholder mapping, this time focussing on the changes that would occur, or would have to occur in order to fulfil our ideas.

We appreciated the opportunity to participate in this very well-prepared workshop.

Our main takeaway was that the European Commission shares our interest in co-creation and related methodologies as the means to put citizen participation into practice. We hope for future knowledge exchange beyond the border of our separate projects on the way to a European perspective on co-creation and citizen involvement in policy making.

For more information of the European Commission on the Future Government 2030+ project and the workshop visit the following links and