Coming soon: the CITADEL legal vademecum with practical answer for the legal hurdles a PA might face when transforming their services

As part of the legal work in CITADEL, the project aimed to create and publish a legal vademecum for PAs willing to transform their services into better and more user-centric (e-)services through the use of the CITADEL tools and/or co-creation methodology. This process, and specifically the use of new technologies to support and/or drive the transformation, brings with it specific legal challenges.


The vademecum is meant to be a practical and easy-to-use document that provides guidance on how to deal with these legal challenges, in the form of decision trees, FAQs, or otherwise in an accessible format, so civil servants may use it even if they do not have a legal background.

This deliverable is due in month 33 of the project (June 2019) and will be published soon thereafter on this website.

Specifically, the legal vademecum will deal with these topics:

  • General topics of data protection under for a PA in transformation (i.e. general topics of interest and practical guidance in relation to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR));
  • GDPR requirements of co-creation and the documents and actions needed to make the CITADEL co-creation methodology GDPR compliant in its implementation by a PA;
  • Privacy literacy of civil servants or how to ensure GDPR knowledge in the personnel through ready-to-use exercises;
  • Impact of the eIDAS regulation;
  • Impact of the ePrivacy rules and current status;
  • The use of Cloud services by the PA and the impact of the free flow of data;
  • Impact of rules of re-use of public sector information;
  • Impact of the rules on payment services;
  • Impact of the use of blockchain in the PA as a part of the transformation.

These are the topics that were identified during the process as being very relevant to any PA in transformation, i.e. (mostly) independent of the type of PA concerned (local, regional, national) and the country in question.

With this vademecum the CITADEL consortium hopes to help numerous PAs on different levels across Europe face general legal challenges related to transforming their services into better, user-centric e-services, without being held back by legal uncertainty/unclarity or concerns.

These concerns will be relevant as well when using or implementing the CITADEL tools, e.g. the discovery tool or the assessment tool. The legal guidance in the vademecum is meant to support such use.

The vademecum is made especially so as to be easy to use.

In addition to general challenges, the vademecum also provides the necessary accompanying documents and guidance for implementing the co-creation methodology in a GDPR compliant manner, thus enabling PAs to avail themselves of the many benefits of CITADEL’ co-creation related results, while ensuring legal compliance throughout the process.

Hence, the legal vademecum will be a useful tool supporting the CITADEL results in general. So, when returning from summer holidays this year, be sure to take advantage and have a look!