Focus group in Antwerp: considerations and feedbacks by participants

The employees participating to the Focus group in Antwerp on 4th of June 2018 expressed their feedbacks and considerations on the methodologies and ICT enablers presented by the CITADEL partners.

CITADEL Focus Group Antwerp

The objective of the Focus Group was to collect feedback of what CITADEL is proposing as well as to listen to people's opinion that are not directly working on the project.

The considerations regarded both positive and negative aspects and, in just one case, no stances for the Intelligent Discovery Service on which they declared “Potentially interesting for our current trajectory towards more personalization.We are looking forward to the demo from TECNALIA to further elaborate on this”.

As positive feedbacks were mentioned the Assessment service which was described as “Interesting under two conditions: i) possibility to have multiple questions that can be customized for each service ii) front-end design thatcan be adapted to the PA’s corporate identity”, the Co-creation methodology (“We will test this. In fact, we are already conducting the co-creation trajectory based on the methodological knowledge that is provided by Imec.”), the Co-creation supporting tool (“We are interested in testing this.”), the Digital maturity assessment (“Our digital strategist Michel Depière will test this and provide input.”) and the Vignette Study (“Already conducted – results will be analysed”).

The participants however, did not show any particular interest for the KPI Report Generator on which they maintained: “We understand the added value of this tool in relation to the current tool(s) that we use, but the time and effort that is needed are probably out of proportion. Therefore we choose not to test this”, and the Citizen Innovation Platform on which they declared “We will not test this tool since (i) we experienced limited success with a similar tool in the past and (ii) we already use similar software for qualitative market research.