G.E.T. IN TOU.C.H. - The CITADEL Apulian use case to assess the co-creation and the digital maturity

G.E.T. IN TOU.C.H. (Growing citizens Engagement by Technology application IN apulian TOUrism and Cultural Heritage) is the regional use cases identified in the CITADEL project to assess some aspects of the Apulian Public Administration related to PA digital maturity assessment (understand-to-transform project pillar) and the co-creation of digital public services (cocreate-to-transform project pillar).

Staring with a focus users access to the tourism digital public services the CITADEL project, combining the needs of different departments of Regione Puglia, such as the Digital Transition and the Economic Development, has led to the analysis of more application services and groups of regional civil servant, extending the focus also to e-gov and co-participation of citizens in digital public services design.

The implementation of the use case was developed by a sequential multi steps approach. A first stage was focused to analyze the knowledge of public employees on recently enacted GDPR legislation through the Privacy Literacy Exercise obtaining a participation attested around 20% of the total number of invited civil servants. The exercise has been drafted in collaboration with the legal Consortium partner expert of legal and administrative affairs.

Also in the second phase the Regional Public Administration was involved in evaluating the willingness of PA employees to consider active citizens participation in the processes of co-creation of digital public services, through a dedicated survey based on the “vignette study” approach (www.slideshare.net/Citadelh2020/vignette-study). The study handled together with the academic project partner showed some fair inclination of people to consider co-creation a suitable evolving process in the design of new services. More than 250 respondent civil servant represent a first sample of interregional departments work force able to provide feedback to the study.

The third step, currently in progress, involve many stakeholders (PA, Users, SMes, etc.), and has been planned to be deployed by means of a preliminary and executive phases. Preliminary regional departments defined 3 themes among the most contingent and discussed ones to be shared freely and open in a understand to transform process approach. The simplification of accessibility to digital PA services, the security and quality of digital public services, and finally the use of open data and business models for the SMEs were selected as priority challenges. During the executive phase the PAs, citizens, professional operators, etc. express their needs and problems on the above described themes by means of some digital tool for process transformation (www.cip.puglia.it an Italian customization of the CITADEL tool Innovation Support Platform). A following session of solutions providing focus to these needs will be provide, also by specific areas of discussion appropriately managed by competent moderators.

Finally, in the last period of the project lifetime will be dedicated to the digital maturity assessment on four main pillars of the PA architecture model such as organization, technological, legal and people with the aim of study the deviations form a benchmarking reference. This step will be supported by a different e-gov tool (DIGIMAT) implemented by the technological partner.