The IRSPM has granted the "best paper" award to researchers from the UC and Cardiff University at its annual conference in Edinburgh.

The International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) has granted the ‘best paper’ award to José Manuel Alonso, Rhys Andrews, Judith Clifton and Daniel Díaz Fuentes, at its annual conference on public management held in Edinburgh. The paper shows partly the results of CITADEL.

The paper titled ‘Factors influencing citizens co-production of environmental services’ explores the role that local government-level factors play in shaping pro-environmental behavior in citizen involvement in the production of public services. To do so, this study analyzes the enablers and barriers of public services’ coproduction, both at the individual and institutional levels. To understand the salience of individual and organizational influences on citizens’ coproduction, the authors analyze the pro-environmental behaviours of a sample of citizens in Wales. Environmental sustainability is seen as perhaps the paradigmatic societal challenge requiring citizens’ coproductive efforts.

Using a large dataset from national survey of nearly 5,000 citizens, the study suggests that altruistic individuals and those with high levels of self-efficacy, are more likely to coproduce environmental services, as are women, rural-dwellers, university graduates and the middle-aged. At the local government level, structures for coproduction are associated with more pro-environmental behaviours, as are poor quality and cheaper services, and stronger backing for green political representation. However, residents in “producerist” local goverments exhibit fewer such behaviors. These results underline the value of multi-level analysis for understanding the dynamic of coproduction.

This research constitutes one of the results of the research project ‘CITADEL: Empowering Citizens to Transform European Public Administrations’, funded by the European Commission within the program H2020 Horizon.

The presentation of the paper can be downloaded from Slideshare.


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