Summary of dissemination and networking activities in January and Feburary 2018

These past months have been busy for CITADEL. Next we present some of the activities where we have been involved in January and February.

Our partner, the city of Antwerp, made a presentation to "Huizen van het kind" on January 24th. In this event, the co-creation trajectory of the Antwerp use case was presented and discussed.

As reported already, CITADEL technical manager participated in a panel on 'Open Government' in the CLARITY conference. Around 50 attendees were present, including EC Officials, Public Administration representatives, and scientists. Moreover, CITADEL has provided input for a blog post on CLARITY explaining the goal and challenges of our project.

With regards to scientific publications, we published our first paper on one of the core components of the CITADEL ecosystem, the data harvester and fusion, needed to gather and collect continuously information of existing open data sources with the main aim of providing Public Administrations with KPIs and recommendations upon which to start the transformation. The paper is titled "Data Harvesting, Curation and Fusion Model to Support Public Service Recommendations for e-Governments" and can be downloaded from here. The paper is publshed at the Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development - Volume 1: AMARETTO, ISBN 978-989-758-283-7 pages 691-698 DOI: 10.5220/0006728206910698.We have uploaded a presentation with the main concepts of the paper on Slideshare

We have also carried out several networking activities.

For instance, our partner VARAM provided the guidelines, key aspects and documents (incl. unpublished materials) that should be included in training programme for the highest level executives about egov that will be carried out in 2018 in the State Chancellery of the Republic of Latvia and State Administration School of the Republic of Latvia. Additional material related to co-creation, escpeially related to D3.1 and D3.3 and the papers analyzed in the systematic literature review has also been included.

The projects CITADEL and WeLive had a networking session at TECNALIA's premises to discuss the inclusion of the WeLive platform as part of the catalogue of tools and techniques that the CITADEL co-creation methodology shall include. WeLive project coordinator showed how the WeLive platform works and how the processes are triggered. CITADEL team members are now evaluating where, that is, under which phases, could the WeLive platform and approach be included. This would also ensure the sustainability of the WeLive project. Some pictures can be found here.