What about the Antwerp use case?

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One year ago, during a dedicated focus group, the Antwerp city administration decided to test more than 75% of the ecosystem’s features, in particular:

  • Assessment service
  • Co-creation methodology
  • Co-creation supporting tool
  • Digital maturity assessment

During the last 12 months, we did what we promised. A small summary of how we experienced this: The co-creation methodology was a great added value for the scope of our use case. We wanted to improve our our digital citizen platform antwerpen.be in relation to the life event birth. Thanks to the co-creation trajectory we found a potential solution. However, this leads us further than merely the e-desk and/or life events only. The solution contains a sustained user-oriented content strategy starting from the customer surveys for the whole of antwerpen.be. Hence, it needed to be implemented in the broader rebuilding of antwerpen.be. This required the cooperation of all concerned city services, which is not an easy task. We therefore installed a multidisciplinary team to realize this. This led to a prototype of a new digital citizen platform and an adapted information infrastructure, which will now be tested and put in production. The new digital citizen platform will be live during the beginning of 2020. 

The assessment service turned out to be an interesting tool to conduct online minisurveys on our digital citizen platform antwerpen.be. This is especially interesting to test the usability of new functionalities on the website (e.g. shopping bag on e-desk, implementation of a chatbot, …).

The digital maturity assessment is a great tool to have an gather insights about the digital maturity of our publication administration. We tested the demo tool. The project partners appreciated our feedback. The result is an even better tool that combines a lot of know-how from the different partners in an easy, approachable way.