What happened in the Forum PA event in Rome?

From 22nd to 24th May, Regione Puglia, Innova Puglia and Fincons participated in the Italian PA 2018 Forum in Rome focused on how to innovate and modernize the Italian public administration and attended by thousands of people.


The final goal of the PA 2018 Forum was the drafting of a White Paper to be delivered to the new Italian Government which has a not indifferent task, to continue the modernization processes that were slowly starting up in the previous legislature. The objectives are clear: to solve the problem of the lack and precariousness of the work, to protect the health and the quality of the environment and to combat inequalities.

The Regione Puglia booth was equipped with, among the other things, a totem related to the CITADEL project, to catch the attention of people passing nearby. Around fifty people were interested to know further details on CITADEL.

Furthermore, Marco di Ciano, from Innova Puglia participated as speaker in a session titled What role for the 21st Century citizen? A new concept of active citizenship and organized as a round table focused on the citizens relationship with the PA services, with the objective to share experiences, identify criticalities and next steps in the roadmap towards the complete citizens involvement in the implementation and operation of the PA services. Marco brought on the stage the results collected so far by CITADEL, and described how Regione Puglia intends to experiment the CITADEL tools to further contribute to this process.