InnovaPuglia Spa

InnovaPuglia S.p.A. is an in-house company of Regione Puglia involved in activities supporting regional strategic program to sustain Digital Innovation.

The company (, subject to the direction and control of the Regione Puglia, works as technical support to the Regional Public Administration (PA) for the definition, implementation and management of innovation projects based on ICT for the Regional PA, as well as the support to the strategic regional programming in support of innovation. The company is engaged in activities dedicated to: i)the development, implementation, and management of information system components and regional public infrastructure for the Information Society; ii)technical support aimed at sustain, from inside, the innovation processes of the Regional PA and the definition of the scope to facilitate the adoption of ICT managerial models in public administration; iii)technical assistance to the regional PA in the defining, implementation, monitoring, verification and control of operations provided by the regional strategic programming in support of innovation.

The company’s action also aims at: i)conceiving and carrying out pilot innovation projects, aimed at the testing of ICT, advanced methods and administrative processes, preparing for their organic adoption by the administrations; ii)elaborating innovation projects for the regional PA regional to be realized with the involvement of the territory and of the market; iii)setting up and carrying out calls for tenders for the retrieval of private parties for implementing innovation projects; iv) ensuring the regional PA of the transparency of the procedures, of the quality of ICT assets and services, of the operating standards, the effectiveness of the implementation, the government of the contracts.

Specific target areas of activities refer to e-government, health, finance, engineering of applications system, land and environment. Among different domain of application the company implements and manages information and communication infrastructure and services for the Unified Network of Public Administration.

Specific activities conceiving the quadruple helix paradigms (PA governance, SMEs, Research, Final Users) were implemented within the Apulian ICT Living Labs initiative with the aim of i) promoting the evolution of local public administration and civil society from passive consumers to active “prosumers” (producer+consumers) of content and services of general interest, supported by ICT innovation; ii) supporting actions to leverage local ICT SMEs innovation growth and competitiveness; iii) establishing open innovation environments within real-life conditions, in which the active involvement of local end-users and ICT SMEs can pave the way to the co-design and demolab experimentation of new services, products and social infrastructures.