Regione Puglia

Puglia is a region of Southern Italy, it comprises 19,345 square kilometers with a population of about 4 million.

The region has a remarkable population density, mostly concentrated in bustling centers, while the countryside is a flourishing territory mainly concentrated on agriculture. The Puglia Region administration has devised a specific strategy for innovation policies, aiming at supporting and promoting research, innovation, ICT infrastructure and services in diverse sectors. Tourism is one of Puglia’s leading resources, thanks to its cultural heritage and beautiful beaches surrounding an 800-km coastline, offering countless resorts and camping sites.

The Puglia Region ( Department of Economic Development, Innovation, Training and Employment represents a major player in the implementation of politics for technological innovation of SMEs, business development and research. With more than 100 officer and administrators in the recent years the Department, through its Research, Innovation and Institutional Capacity Service, has managed regional resources for research, innovation and information society policies 2007 – 2013 and has adopted a specific strategy for regional innovation policies with the aim of supporting and promoting research, innovation, ICT infrastructure and services.

By means of its regional agencies and in-house companies InnovaPuglia and PugliaSviluppo, Puglia Region has gained experience in innovating deeply the modalities of interaction between local administrations, citizens and local enterprises. As an implementing support for the programming period 2014-2020 Puglia Region has identified priorities and challenges within the SmartPuglia 2020 strategic document (Smart Specialization Strategy for Research and Innovation) with a long term view strategy for a regional economic development based on the value of social responsibility and a dialogue among stakeholders. Thanks to this approach based on the dialogue among all regional stakeholders, it aims at the integration of several policies: Research & Innovation, Digital agenda, Competitiveness (including SMEs and clustering), Internationalization, Social innovation, Employment and training (human capital, ESF); and, today, Puglia can rely on a well-established presence of digital & creative communities, that’s to say companies from the ICT sector (> 3.700 active companies ; > 13.600 employees ; ICT Business Cluster) with creative ones(> 22.800 active companies ; > 57.000 employees ; Creative Apulia Cluster) working together being able to generate a relevant impact on tourist attractiveness of Puglia.

Regione Puglia has suitable and experienced staff members in the management of European and cooperation projects and in the implementation of the specific activities envisaged in the project.