Stichting ICTU

ICTU is working on an improved digital government. ICTU is an independent public body, not for profit. Together with our clients we achieve high quality digital services. We connect knowledge to skill and solutions to problems, whilst observing the balance between technology and use, and innovation and workable solutions. So that any business conducted with the government, by either an individual or a company is done safely, easily and digitally. As independent consultant and executor within the government, we look for the right combination of expertise for every assignment so that both the government and society benefits.

ICTU is an independent public body, not for profit. ICTU was founded in 2001 by the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations and the VNG in order to create a flexible professional ICT-organisation which is capable to do projects through all government layers. ICTU works in 35 projects with more than 400 employees. An example of service developed by ICTU is the Digital Identification (E-ID) for every citizen. ICTU is involved in several EU projects, such as E-codex and API for Justice.

ICTU’s professional field is the digital government. For 15 years now ICTU has been operating from the belief that ICT helps the government in finding solutions for social problems. ICTU does this through projects, using craftsmanship and with passion for the public interest and not for profit. In doing so they work for all government departments: government, provinces, municipalities, water boards and autonomous administrative authorities.

By and for the government

ICTU operates in complete faith, on and for the public good. We turn government policies into concrete projects, services and products. We are adept at connecting cross-sectoral issues and where results are achieved, when several governments collaborate and make changes together using ICT.

All governments can implement projects through ICTU. Commissioning a project to ICTU applies internal procurement. We are a flexible organisation and are well placed to quickly deliver the right combination of in and external expertise.


Our recommendations link into applicable frameworks within the government. Like NORA, (the Dutch Government Reference Architecture), privacy legislation and the appropriate use of available government services.

ICTU helps governments with practical, administrable advice when designing projects or managing external parties. Our consultants have legal and organisational knowledge, and they are aware of associated information systems and technical/ICT-aspects.

Software realisation

In terms of software realisation, ICTU is adept in developing registers and data standards and in developing solutions for the exchange of information between organisations and applications for digital interaction with end users. In doing so we apply methods and techniques in order to guarantee the quality and cohesion of ICT within the government.

ICTU operates on the basis of independent quality criteria. SIG/TÜvit controls the quality of our software products. They assess the tested products with 4 to 5 stars being the highest achievable score.


To ensure the adequate exchange of data, the government must agree on the design of our information management and the use of government-wide standards. As the NORA (the Dutch Government Reference Architecture) administrator, we can help you by establishing or assessing a Project Start Architecture.

Project Implementation

ICTU is experienced in managing complex programs and projects and the implementation of working solutions across organisational boundaries.

We understand, like no other the tension between policy ambitions and practical implementation. By bringing the various parties together we succeed in achieving clear objectives and focusing on the user. As such, not only does ICTU drive at achieving established programs or project objectives but also the intended benefits.